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Our chefs

Photo by @ngarro

The chefs at Can Sabaté try to provide a fusion of Mediterranean and signature cuisine that is reflected in the outcome of each event.

Can Sabaté is the result of a very personal and much-loved project that became a reality, a place that now offers impeccable event planning services. A great location, great management and great food. 

I knew from the beginning that Àlex had to be the Chef, but, since he was also in charge of his family’s restaurant El Castell d’Orpí, he could only do it provided there was help. 

So, once Josep Hernandez came on board we were finally able to offer such an exquisite catering service. I think they complement each other perfectly. Àlex brings a cuisine that while defined by tradition, is both ambitious and bold. Always running restlessly from one side of the kitchen to the other, he maintains an open mind, gives off good energy and has a great sense of humour, it is a pleasure to be working with him. 

Josep joins the team having been involved in the catering sector for a long time and brings with him a broad range of experience after working in a several prestigious restaurants. He is serene, calm and organized. He is always ready and willing to deal with any requirement. Together they prepare the dishes and provide the services without hesitation. I applaud your spirit, your energy and above all your courage as you bring this fledgling project flying into the future.

Thank you very much. You are amazing! 



    Masia Can Sabaté
    08711 Òdena. Barcelona

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